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Ever wondered why so many people rave about The 109s’ brand of foot-stomping retro-rock? Here you will find links to some of our most popular songs, accompanied by their official videos. There is also an interview the band did for the BBC.

So Long

This is the first single from our second album, Hollow Point. The song represents both an evolution of and a departure from the sound we established on the first album: the riffs are heavier, the guitars harder, and the changes more complex and dynamic. Enjoy!

Open Road

This was our first official release, with a video created for us by Below Productions. Within The 109s’ oeuvre, it has an unusually chirpy sound, mainly due to the Open G tuning Matty P uses for the song. The song’s chorus – “I’ll see you on the far side, I hope the grass is green” – took on a whole new level of meaning when we were asked to perform at a tribute concert held for a friend who fell victim to depression and suicide.



Cut Me Loose

This was the first song the band ever wrote, and is still a solid live favourite.

No Shame

A studio-based live recording of the 2017 line-up, cranking out one of their signature songs, No Shame. This song best exemplifies how well the band draws upon its numerous influences – you’ll hear elements of Sabbath, Smashing Pumpkins and Grand Funk in this song – without ever sounding derivative.


TV Interview

Here is an interview we did for the BBC last year in which the band’s two vocalists expound on their musical influences and how their unique musical style developed.

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